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July 2014 Product Picks

G.722 Audio Codec Support

The latest release of the vendor’s enhanced VoIP and T1 E1 platform applications offers G.722 Wideband Audio Codec support. The release supports G.722 with a variety of signaling and audio processing applications in both VoIP and TDM platforms. Using these applications, you can easily emulate, analyze, and troubleshoot audio signaling and quality over both VoIP and TDM. A G.722 codec normally operates at 64 kb/s (similar to G.711, A-law, and µ-law), although it also can operate at 56 kb/s or 48 kb/s. G.722 is license free, and it provides better speech quality than would a G.711 codec. GL Communications

1-kW and 2-kW Power for R&D

The 14585A control and analysis software for advanced power supplies adds support for the N7900 Advanced Power System (APS) dynamic DC power supplies. The N7900 Series power supplies with VersaPower architecture offer features and specifications for fast operation and advanced measurements with reduced development time and support costs. These 1-kW and 2-kW models, expandable to 10 kW, were designed for applications where high-speed dynamic sourcing and measurement are needed.

The Agilent 14585A software enhances the user experience of the APS N7900 Series, giving R&D engineers access to the power supplies’ functionality without having to write any code. Agilent Technologies

24-Port Vector Network Analyzer

The R&S ZNBT covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz, and the base model is equipped with four test ports. Depending on application requirements, the analyzer can be enhanced to include 24 ports. The R&S ZNBT is primarily used in the development and production of active and passive multiport components such as front-end modules for multiband mobile phones.

When fitted with its maximum number of test ports, the R&S ZNBT is capable of determining all 576 S-parameters of a 24-port DUT. It requires no switching and therefore carries out multiport measurements faster than switch matrix-based multiport systems. For example, the R&S ZNBT can cover all 576 S-parameters at 201 frequency points in less than 260 ms. Rohde & Schwarz

TVS Diodes

The SD and SD-C Series 450-W discrete unidirectional and bidirectional transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diodes are designed to protect against destructive ESD and lightning-induced surge currents. These fast-acting TVS diodes are suitable for replacing multilayer varistors in low-speed and DC applications because they can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes at ±30 kV without performance degradation and safely dissipate up to 30 A of surge current. Their low dynamic resistance provides up to a 50% reduction in clamping voltage compared with competing technologies, making them suitable for protecting buttons, switches, power ports, and other various low-speed I/O functions in automotive electronics, test equipment, point-of-sale terminals, ultrabooks, servers, and medical equipment. Littelfuse

Waveform Software

The latest version (v7) of the vendor’s flagship product builds upon the capability set available in previous versions. To better reflect the new capabilities, the name of the tool is changing from M1 Oscilloscope Tools to M1 Waveform Tools with this version. The new name highlights the software’s platform-agnostic, brand-agnostic, and age-agnostic approach and capability to improve customers’ waveform-based workflow beyond oscilloscopes. M1 Waveform Tools v7 includes support for multiple new platform types beyond oscilloscopes, multiple major enhancements in automation, an emergency backup license server product to maximize uptime during hardware failures, and new types of collaboration. Amherst Systems Associates (ASA)

Strain-Gage Amplifier

The Model 142 low-noise inline strain-gage amplifier with an auto-zero function provides high measurement accuracy. The patent-pending auto-zero feature is initiated right before measurement either using an integrated push-button or remotely via a grounding pin. This function supports a zero reference within ±1.5 mV of true zero as well as corrects for zero errors due to mounting stresses or misalignment. Long-term drift errors are corrected in real time so the device is zeroed out prior to operation. Measurement Specialties

Dynamic Signal Analyzer

The EMX-4250 high-density, smart PXI Express multichannel dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) can sustain 24-bit simultaneous sampling across all channels up to 204.8 kS/s. The DSA targets applications such as noise, vibration, and harshness analysis; machine condition monitoring; rotational analysis; acoustic test; modal test; and general-purpose high-speed digitization and signal analysis.

The EMX-4250 has been designed to address challenging precision data-acquisition applications with aggressive anti-aliasing filtering integrated into the front end that helps eliminate unwanted signals and reduce measurement errors. The instrument delivers a spurious-free dynamic range to -105 dB, a key measure of its measurement fidelity and an essential design element that ensures that the strength ratio of the fundamental signal of interest is highly accurate. This measurement is critical for frequency-domain analysis where distortion typically increases with frequency. VTI Instruments 

Reticle Inspection System

The Teron SL650 reticle quality-control solution for IC fabs supports 20-nm design nodes and beyond. With 193-nm illumination, the Teron SL650 provides the sensitivity and flexibility required to assess incoming reticle quality, monitor reticle degradation, and detect yield-critical reticle defects such as haze growth or contamination in patterned and open areas. In addition, the Teron SL650’s production throughput supports the fast cycle times required to qualify the increased number of reticles associated with advanced multipatterning techniques. The Teron SL650 is EUV-compatible, enabling early collaboration with IC manufacturers on in-fab EUV reticle inspection requirements. KLA-Tencor

Electronic Loads

The PEL-3000 Series single-channel programmable DC electronic loads offer high-speed slope and high-power capacity to meet a variety of testing needs. With 0.01-mA current resolution and 16-A/µs current slew rate, power-supply characteristic tests can be performed with accuracy, stability, and speed and over a wide power range. PEL-3000 Series electronic loads operate from 1.5 V to 150 V and have seven operational modes: CV (constant voltage), CC (constant current), CR (constant resistance), CP (constant power), CC + CV, CR + CV, and CP + CV. The loads are manufactured by the Taiwanese test and measurement specialists GWInstek. Saelig

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