EE – November 2014 Product Picks

16-Bit, 2.5-GS/s DAC

The LTC2000 is a 16-bit, 2.5-GS/s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with spectral purity of 74 dBc SFDR at a 200-MHz output and better than 68-dBc SFDR for output frequencies from DC to 1 GHz. The LTC2000 has low phase noise and a wide 2.1-GHz, -3-dB output bandwidth, enabling broadband or high-frequency RF synthesis in applications such as high-end instrumentation, broadband communications, test equipment, cable TV DOCSIS CMTS, and radar.

The ±1 V-compliant outputs feature a 40-mA full-scale current, which can be adjusted as low as 10 mA or as high as 60 mA. Data is transferred to the LTC2000 over a parallel LVDS interface port with transfer rates of up to 1.25 GS/s using a 625-MHz double data rate data clock.
The LTC2000 is offered in 16-bit, 14-bit, and 11-bit versions in a RoHS- compliant 9-mm x 15-mm BGA package. Price starts at $69.00 each for the LTC2000-16 in 1,000-piece quantities. Demo boards and samples are available. Linear Technology

1-GHz, 10-GS/s Oscilloscope

The WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope offers 1-GHz, 10-GS/s performance for $10,000. It combines the MAUI advanced user interface with waveform processing to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems. The WaveSurfer 10 provides a 10.4-inch touch screen display, high-performance hardware, and compact form factor.

Easily accessible measurement, math, and debug tools plus a variety of serial data protocol decoders as well as a full complement of advanced active probes ensure the WaveSurfer 10 can capture and analyze any type of waveform and simplify the debug process. The LabNotebook documentation and report generation tool provides a fast way to save waveforms, setups, and screen images; report results; and view offline.
Teledyne LeCroy

Audio Analyzer

The U8903B performance audio analyzer represents the next-generation model of the U8903A. The U8903B is flexible with configurable options such as speech and voice quality measurements, extendable bandwidth, and digital audio interfaces, enabling engineers to accurately test wireless communications, component, and IC audio applications.

The U8903B offers the ITU-T standard perceptual objective listening quality assessment (POLQA) and its predecessor, perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ), supporting measurements in the common audio bandwidth carried by telephone networks, and with POLQA, super-wideband speech signals up to 14,000 Hz. With POLQA and PESQ, the U8903B is suited for testing 3G, 4G/LTE, and voice-over-Internet-protocol phone and network equipment as well as high-definition voice test applications. Prices start at $13,025 for a two-channel model.
Keysight Technologies

IUP Simulation

MAPS IUP Protocol Simulator supports simulation of the UK-specific SS7 Interconnect User Part Protocol (IUP) over British Telecom TDM networks.

Main features include IUP simulation over TDM (T1/E1), support for multiple T1/E1 line interfaces, a user-friendly GUI for configuring the SS7 MTP layers, user-configurable signaling links, and support for MTP2 and MTP3 protocol machines as well as multiple MTP links. Client-server functionality provided through a command line interface via Python and TCL requires an additional license. GL Communications

BERT Synchronization Function

A 32-channel synchronization function for the vendor’s MP1800A BERT creates a highly accurate integrated test set for the evaluation of high-speed transmission technologies utilizing phase-amplitude modulation methods, such as Quad DP-16QAM and Dual DP-64QAM, used in core networks operating up to 1 Tb/s. The new functionality of the MP1800A provides R&D engineering teams with an accurate test solution to quickly verify designs incorporating ultrafast, next-generation communications technologies for cloud-computing and smartphone data applications. Anritsu

100-MHz Bench Scope

The 2190D bench digital storage oscilloscope is a compact dual-channel DSO offering several measurement functions with 100-MHz bandwidth and a 1-GS/s sampling rate.
Building on the discontinued analog model 2190B oscilloscope, the 2190D now provides users with digital features including a 7-inch wide­screen color display, waveform memory up to 40,000 points, pass/fail limit testing, digital filtering, a waveform recorder, and 32 automatic measurements. For educators, the 2190D offers a context-sensitive help feature and the capability to disable the auto set button along with measure and cursor menus. $399.
B&K Precision

LPDDR4 PHY Layer Test

The vendor’s complete PHY layer and conformance test solution targets JEDEC LPDDR4, the next generation of mobile memory technology. Slated for adoption starting in 2015, LPDDR4 builds on the current generation of LPDDR3 technology and will deliver improved data rates up to 4.26 Gb/s and use an ultra-low voltage core to reduce power consumption by approximately 35% to enhance performance in mobile devices like smartphones, wearables, and tablets.

In conjunction with partner Nexus Technology, the vendor also is introducing LPDDR4 memory component interposers featuring two patented interposer designs. EdgeProbe interposers are designed for the demanding mechanical constraints required by mobile designs while socketed interposers are available for ease of use, reusability, and component swapping.

Bluetooth Data Logger

The HOBO MX1101 measures and transmits temperature and humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart technology. The self-contained wireless data logger, which works with the vendor’s free HOBOmobile app for logger setup and data management, enables the user to access data over a 100-foot range, at any time, from an iOS mobile device. Unlike USB loggers, which need to be set up and offloaded while connected to a computer, the HOBO MX1101 temperature/humidity data logger communicates instantly and requires no dedicated equipment beyond an iOS device to configure the logger or read out data. $135.

Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The SiteHawk SK-4000-TC antenna and cable analyzer supports the troubleshooting of the transmission path of commercial and military communications systems operating between 85 MHz to 4 GHz. As the successor to the vendor’s Site Analyzer SA-3600 XT, the new instrument is 80% smaller, 60% lighter, and offers new features.
The instrument has an intuitive touch-screen user interface that shows all measurement results, and its range of adjustable parameters can be modified from a single screen. The SiteHawk SK-4000-TC has 16 GB of high-speed flash memory that provides room for thousands of traces and instrument setups, and data can be offloaded via its USB interface to a flash drive or other external storage device. $2,500.
Bird Technologies

Power Supplies

The R&S HMC804x power supplies are equipped with one (R&S HMC8041), two (R&S HMC8042), or three (R&S HMC8043) channels. All models in this series deliver up to 100 W of power and are adjustable between 0 V and 32 V in steps of 1 mV.

Tracking is available in the two multichannel models and enables combined parallel or serial operation. It still is possible to provide power to several circuits independently. Changes to current and voltage values are carried out synchronously in combined channels.

The logging function stores all current, voltage, and time values. The energy meter function continuously displays the power in watts drawn by a connected load.
Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary HAMEG Instruments

Logic Analyzer
The U4154B is a high data-rate state-mode logic analyzer (up to 4 Gb/s) for validating simultaneous read and write DDR4 traffic across all byte lanes captured from a DDR4 DIMM operating at data rates of more than 2.5 Gb/s.

The U4154B logic analysis system merges three modules to help memory design engineers accelerate turn-on and debugging of DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR2/3/4 memory systems. The system provides reliable data capture, precise triggering, and a portfolio of validation and performance tools.
The new U4154B logic analyzers have a starting price of $89,288 for 136 channels, including chassis and probe cables, not including probes.
Keysight Technologies

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