EE – January 2015 Product Picks

Modular OTDR

The AQ7280 portable optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) delivers the combination of measurement automation, user-friendly operation, and reliable performance that enables fast, precise optical-fiber characterization in the field.

The AQ7280 is based on a plug-in modular design that allows it to be configured for a range of network environments and topologies from FTTH to metro and core networks. Measurement speed and ease of use are facilitated by a capacitive multitouch touch screen, automated measurement software, and a stable operating system that enables rapid start-up. Field use is boosted by a battery pack providing more than 10 hours of continuous operation. Yokogawa

Online Condition Monitoring Software

NI InsightCM Enterprise is a new software solution that helps companies gain insight into the health of their capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations. NI InsightCM Enterprise addresses Big Analog Data challenges and builds on the industrial Internet of Things.

Using NI InsightCM Enterprise, companies can cost-effectively monitor both critical and ancillary rotating machinery, which helps them gain a more holistic view of their fleets and manage operational risk while maintaining profitability and production efficiency. The enterprise solution supports the data-management, data-analysis, and systems-management challenges that are common in Big Analog Data applications. Its inherent flexibility and open architecture make it suitable for meeting evolving diagnostic program requirements. National Instruments

Simulation Tool

MultiSIM BLUE, the NI Multisim Component Evaluator Mouser Edition, is an all-in-one circuit simulation tool that supports integrated PCB layout and generates a bill of materials.

Available via free download, MultiSIM BLUE enables engineers to design and simulate circuits before laying them out in physical prototypes. MultiSIM BLUE adds features and functionality to provide engineers with an industry-standard Spice simulation environment of electronic circuits, including the newest in analog and mixed-signal ICs, passive components, discrete semiconductors, power management ICs, connectors, and electromechanical components. Engineers now can visualize and evaluate linear performance, making this critical step of circuit design easier, faster, and more productive. Mouser Electronics

Field Analyzer

The MW82119B PIM Master combines a 40-W, battery-operated passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer with a 2-MHz to 3-GHz cable and antenna analyzer, eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to measure the RF performance of a cell site. The MW82119B provides tower and maintenance contractors, network installers, and wireless service providers with a handheld field PIM analyzer with line sweep capability so they can fully certify cell site cable and antenna systems.

The MW82119B PIM Master with the Site Master option supports the full array of site tests. Field users can conduct PIM vs. time, swept PIM, distance-to-PIM, return loss, VSWR, cable loss, and distance-to-fault measurements. In addition to eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to the top of a tower, the integrated MW82119B PIM Master allows all site data to be stored in one location for fast retrieval. Anritsu

Network-Analyzer Extension

The R&S ZVAX-TRM is an extension unit for high-end network analyzers in the vendor’s R&S ZVA family. The R&S ZVAX-TRM can be combined with an R&S ZVA to yield a compact and highly customizable system. It conditions the signals from the network analyzer as required for a given task and either returns them to the analyzer or outputs them via its integrated high-power test ports. The combination of an R&S ZVA and an R&S ZVAX-TRM enables users in development and production to measure parameters such as compression, noise figure, and group delay even on three-port T/R modules, with only one DUT connection (single-connection device characterization). Rohde & Schwarz

Rugged Android Tablet

The IMT-1 Android 4.2 tablet integrates the TI OMAP5432 1.5-GHz dual-core ARM A15 processor for high-performance computing power. Built-in WLAN or optional WWAN connectivity enables the IMT-1 to access information in a variety of workplaces. An IP54 rating and 1.2-meter drop resistance (with optional protective housing) enable the ruggedized device to withstand demanding environments. ADLINK Technology

Dual T1 E1 Express Boards

The T1 E1 Express PCIe analysis and emulation boards can monitor T1 E1 line conditions such as frame errors, violations, alarms, and clock (or frame/bit) slips. They support comprehensive analysis and emulation of voice, data, fax, protocol, analog, and digital signals as well as echo and voice-quality testing. The boards are available with a GUI for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems with support for almost all existing T1 E1 analyzer applications. GL Communications

100-GHz Oscilloscope

The 10-100Zi 100-GHz, 240-GS/s oscilloscope incorporates the vendor’s 100-GHz technology first publicly demonstrated in July 2013. The 10-100Zi is the newest acquisition module in the 10 Zi Series of high-performance modular oscilloscopes—which represents a modular and flexible platform that allows users to build oscilloscopes with high channel counts, even when only one or two channels are in the base model.

The 10 Zi oscilloscopes are built from a single Master Control Module (MCM-Zi) that contains the display, control, and ChannelSync clock distribution architecture, all managed by a powerful server-class CPU. Users connect up to 20 acquisition modules, including the 10-100Zi, to build oscilloscopes with up to 80 channels at 36 GHz, 20 channels at 100 GHz, or anything in between. 10-100Zi: from $900,000. Teledyne LeCroy

App for SMU Instruments

A free app called IVy for Android-based smartphones and tablets interacts with the vendor’s Series 2600B Source­Meter SMU instrument via its front-panel USB interface. IVy extends the vendor’s Touch, Test, Invent design philosophy to offer benchtop Series 2600B instrument users a fast, easy-to-use touch-screen tool for characterizing two- and three-terminal devices. By leveraging the power of smart mobile devices, IVy transforms the Series 2600B into an instrument that enables users to visualize, interact, and share measurement results more efficiently while helping them gain a deeper understanding of their devices’ behavior.

IVy’s patent-pending design provides for simultaneous control over the source level (using an on-screen slider) and monitoring of test results (on the smart device’s graphical display), making it easy to visually analyze I-V characteristics, DUT stability, response time, or drift in a circuit. Keithley Instruments

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