EE – May 2015 Product Picks

USB Vector Network Analyzer

The ShockLine MS46121A series of one-port USB vector network analyzers (VNAs) brings the price, performance, and ease-of-use advantages of the vendor’s patented ShockLine VNA technology to a compact package. Two models with frequency coverage of 40 MHz to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz are powered and controlled via a user-supplied computer to simply and cost-efficiently test cables, antennas, and other passive RF devices where one-port measurements up to 6 GHz are required.

To maximize throughput in manufacturing, engineering, and education environments, a single computer connected to a USB hub with enough ports can run up to 16 different ShockLine MS46121A VNAs. Anritsu

6½- and 7½-digit DMMs

Two new Truevolt Series DMMs—the 34465A DMM (6½ digits) and the 34470A DMM (7½ digits)—help engineers visualize their measurement data in multiple ways, get actionable information fast, and document their results. The DMMs’ graphical capabilities can generate trend and histogram charts, and both models offer three acquisition modes: continuous running for typical measurements, data logging for trend analysis, and digitizing for capturing transients.

The 7½-digit DMM represents a new product category of DMMs for the vendor. Both DMMs offer deeper memory for data storage than previous generation DMMs. They also feature a 1-µA range with pico-amp resolution for measurements on very low power devices. Keysight Technologies

Digital Radio Test Set

The new 8800S digital radio test set combines high performance and portability and features new P25 Phase II test capabilities plus 125-W direct power handling. Designed for bench and field test environments, the 8800S is equipped with a large color display and a wide power-measurement range featuring RF signal analysis from -140 dBm to 500 W. Additionally, the new radio test set offers advanced analog and digital analysis features. Field test technicians and engineers will benefit from the 8800S test set’s compact size, 2.5-hour internal battery operation (usable up to 4 hours), and 30g functional shock rating. Cobham AvComm (formerly the Aeroflex AvComm business unit)

16-A PXI Switch

The expanded range of Pickering’s 16-A PXI switching solutions now includes the 16-A PXI power multiplexer (Model 40-662), which is available in seven configurations ranging from 4-off 2:1 multiplexers to 1-off 16:1 multiplexers. Also new is the 16-A PXI power matrix (Model 40-552), which is available in four configurations with matrix sizes of 8×2 and 4×4 and the capability to expand the matrix size with the Y-axis loop-through connections—for example, 8×4, 12×4, 16×4, etc. (with 4×4 matrices) or 16×2, 24×2, 32×2, etc. (with 8×2 matrices).

Both families are capable of withstanding 400 VDC for cold switching. Careful attention to the switching designs ensures that all of these PXI modules can carry the full 16-A current on each path simultaneously over the complete operating temperature range. Pickering Interfaces

Data Recorder and Ethernet Switch

Two new modules for the SomatXR data-acquisition system include the CX23-R data recorder and the EX23-R Ethernet switch. The CX23-R synchronizes all connected measurement modules, computes and records values based on measurements, and stores recorded measurement data using smart data compression.

The EX23-R Ethernet switch has 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting SomatXR measurement modules and other accessories. Five of the ports can supply electrical power to external devices with Power-over-Ethernet. The EX23-R also supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTPv2), giving it a time accuracy of less than one microsecond. HBM

Test Contactors

The new Link Contactor product line for analog, mixed-signal, and RF applications incorporates a vertical-probe design that combines advantageous mechanical features with an architecture that eliminates wear on test interface board pads. The offset vertical architecture of the Link probe is designed to support high test yield, maximum repeatability, and low repair and replacement cost. The motion of the probe provides scrub through oxides on the IC pads and self-cleaning when the probe moves back to its original free height. Multitest


The new AM18-GTEM cell is a cost-effective alternative to an anechoic chamber for high-frequency EMC emissions and immunity testing. Primarily aimed at those needing to carry out precompliance testing of portable equipment, the new GTEM cell can handle microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz, compared with a maximum of about 500 MHz for traditional TEM cells.

In essence, the GTEM cell consists of a tapered coaxial transmission line with a flat inner conductor and an outer conductor formed by the aluminum walls. Producing a uniform electromagnetic field of known pattern and intensity, the fully shielded GTEM has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and is terminated by a combination of a resistive card and free-space microwave absorbers. Link Microtek

IIoT Software Development Kit

To support the vendor’s SmartMesh IP wireless-sensor-networking products for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, the On-Chip Software Development Kit (SDK) provided with the LTC5800-IPM (system-on-chip) and LTP5901/2-IPM (PCB modules) has been architected to ensure that developers can stably run both the precompiled SmartMesh IP networking stack and their applications simultaneously. Users no longer need a separate processor for sensor interface and edge data analytics, reducing the cost, footprint, and power consumption of the integrated wireless-sensor node. Application development time is accelerated with a library of reference-code and source-code examples. Linear Technology

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