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Get 7 Tips for PXI & AXIe test solutions-now on DVD

PXI and AXIe modular instruments offer a lot of benefits and we’d like to share some tips to help you take full advantage of them. Get Keysight’s latest tips, techniques, myth busters, application notes and videos, conveniently packaged on a DVD that help solve your design challenges. Here are a few samples:
Tip 1: Reuse your chassis! Select a PXI chassis with a large number of hybrid slots to support for both PXI-1 hybrid and PXIe style modules. PXIe provides improved throughput, point-to-point messaging, triggering and synchronization.
Tip 2: Write code once, use multiple times! Share comparable measurement methods, algorithms and results with others in your organization using benchtop and PXI test instruments through common application measurement software. This guarantees consistent, reliable test-result validation from R&D to manufacturing.

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