AM signals: Streaming video, deceptive software, net neutrality

Nov. 11, 2015

With the launch of Apple TV, Apple leads the hardware market for streaming video at a 31% share, according to Slice Intelligence, as reported at Broadband TV News. Amazon is second with 28%. Sales of TV streaming devices have been flat over a two-year period.

Cymmetria Inc. has raised $9 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Israeli startup makes software that lures hackers into traps within an organization. The Journal reports that Gartner expects 10% of all enterprises to use deception tools and tactics by 2018.

An appeals court has ruled that the U.S. International Trade Commission lacks the authority to block digital transmissions into the United States, reports BloombergBusiness. According to the ruling, the ITC may block physical products at the boarder but not electronic files. The case centered on the claims of a maker of a teeth-straightening system but could have implications for makers of movies and other copyrighted works.

T-Mobile’s Binge On program, which allows users to stream HBO and Netflix to their devices without counting against their monthly data limits, may run afoul of net neutrality. Brendan Sasso at National Journal quotes Barbara van Schewick, a professor at Stanford Law School and a net-neutrality supporter, as saying, “As it stands, it looks like a net-neutrality violation right now. The essence of net neutrality is that we don’t want Internet service providers to pick winners and losers.”

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