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EE – Janaury 2016 Product Picks

Precision DC calibrator

The 2560A precision DC calibrator can output a wide range of DC voltage and current for calibration of analog meters, thermometers, and temperature controllers that use a thermocouple or resistance temperature detector (RTD). DC voltage output range is ±1,200 VDC; current output range is -12 A to +36 A; accuracy is ±50 ppm for voltage (180 days in 1-V range) ±70 ppm for current (180 days in 1-mA range); and stability is ±10 ppm (1 hour in 1-V range).

The 2560A can calibrate many different types of thermometers and temperature controllers and is compatible for use with all 10 thermocouple types as well as the platinum 100 (pt100) RTD specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Yokogawa

Handheld spectrum analyzer

The versatile R&S Spectrum Rider spectrum analyzer assists users during RF transmitter installation and maintenance and supports measurement tasks in RF development labs and in service. It offers sensitivity of -160 dBm and measurement accuracy of typically 0.5 dB between 10 MHz and 3 GHz.

The frequency range of the R&S Spectrum Rider can be extended via software upgrades. The base model covers the frequency range from 5 kHz to 2 GHz, which can be expanded to 3 GHz or 4 GHz to support applications that require higher frequencies, such as measuring radio signals above 2 GHz or signals above 3 GHz in TD LTE bands. Rohde & Schwarz

Engineering spreadsheet

DADiSP 6.7, the newest release of the engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis, supports native 64-bit execution on all Windows 64-bit operating systems. Large memory access, optimized numerics, and buffered data management provide performance gains of 15% to 240% over previous versions of DADiSP.

DADiSP 6.7 offers streamlined CSV, text, and binary data import. A common time base can be assigned multiple input series, and the results can be plotted individually in separate windows or combined into a single stripchart display. Vendor-specific data import modules provide specialized support for many common industry text and binary file formats. DSP Development


The Model 40-652 range of multiplexers—originally designed for a large defense contractor looking for a multiplexer that could handle large inrush currents—offers a range of configurations suitable for the hot or cold switching of signals up to ±100 V at 5 A. The use of solid-state relays allows the hot switching of signals without any life degradation, including DC signals that EMR designs can only handle with much reduced service life and power handling. The multiplexers also are supported by eBIRST, which helps to quickly identify faulty switching systems. Pickering Interfaces

VNA test cables

A new line of ruggedized phase-stable VNA test cables operating up to 40 GHz is designed to withstand the rigors of test lab use and production testing for 50-Ω communications systems. The new phase-stable cables can be ordered with male or female versions of SMA or type-N connectors for cables operating to 18 GHz. Also available are 2.92-mm connectors for cables operating to 26.5 GHz or 2.4-mm connectors for test cables performing up to 40 GHz.

Torsion-resistant connector heads are directly attached to stainless-steel conduit-style armoring to provide a rugged design for up to 5,000 mating cycles with proper care. The cable’s armoring enhances amplitude and phase stability by preventing stress due to over-bending while maintaining the flexibility required for testing in a lab environment. Pasternack

Motor drive analysis software

A new harmonics calculation option for the MDA800 motor drive analyzer series enhances the standard capabilities of the software by adding advanced harmonic filtering for AC input and drive output numeric table measurements; total harmonic distortion measurement parameters for voltage, current, and power; and a new harmonic order table with spectral waveform displays.

The standard motor drive analyzer software provides either full-spectrum (no harmonic filter applied) or fundamental-only harmonic filters. The new option adds a fundamental + N and a range filter, which allows the user to specify how many (N) harmonics from the fundamental to include in the numeric table calculations. Teledyne LeCroy

Computational fluid-dynamics software

The newest version of FloTHERM computational fluid-dynamics software was developed to quickly identify potential thermal issues early in the design process to avoid expensive late-stage redesign and warranty costs arising from thermal failures in the field.

The newest version of the FloTHERM product delivers an automated method to calibrate simulation models to match transient thermal measurements recorded with the vendor’s T3Ster hardware. As a result, the FloTHERM product can help maximize simulation data accuracy and provide additional insight into product reliability—a necessity for the automotive, aerospace, and electronics products industries. Mentor Graphics

Rotary position sensor

The SVK3 Series surface-mount rotary position sensors deliver a linearity of ±1%. Their compact size, low profile (11 × 12 × 2.1 mm), and light weight (0.4 g) facilitate their use in miniaturized products.

The physical parameters of the SVK3 are identical to those of the preceding SV03 series, allowing them to be used as direct replacements. Further, the sensors meet the temperature range (-40°C to 125°C) and service life (300,000 cycles) requirements for automotive applications. The SVK3 series rotary sensors also have a resistance of 10 kΩ and provide an effective angle of rotary movement of 333.3 degrees. Murata

DC/DC converters

The 250-W i6A Series nonisolated DC/DC converters can operate from an input voltage of 9 V to 40 V. The step-down converters deliver an output voltage that can be adjusted from 3.3 V to 24 V and output currents of up to 14 A. The series is designed to be used in a range of applications including medical, communications, industrial, and test-and-measurement equipment.

With efficiencies of up to 98%, power losses are minimized, allowing the products to operate in harsh ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C even with low airflow. The need for external output capacitance is reduced due to an optimized dynamic voltage response, thus reducing board space requirements. TDK-Lambda

DC power supply

The Sorensen ASD FLX Series with a new modular design allows easy access and flexible voltage assignments. The water-cooled ASD FLX Series, which offers a power density of 30 kW in a 3U form factor, now can accommodate up to three front-loading modules that can be configured for either 60-V or 40-V operation (with other voltages coming soon) via rear-panel switches.

Load regulation for both voltage and current is 0.1% of full scale, and the maximum rms noise is 40 mV. A 50% step load will recover to within 0.75% of original value within 1 ms. The programmable filter bandwidth of the output voltage, current, and power monitors lets users customize the load response to their applications. AMETEK Programmable Power

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