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EE – Janaury 2017 Product Picks

High-speed DC load

The EL 2000 HS (high-speed) electronic DC load is the latest addition to the vendor’s family of power-system ATE. The EL 2000 HS Series is a standalone 40-W load module providing point-of-load connections and point-of-use for fast-slew-rate DC loading.

The EL 2000 HS load offers a smart onboard load head that minimizes inductance, resistive losses, and noise, which pose serious problems with loads using wires to connect the load to the DUT. In addition, the EL 2000 HS is designed for sub-1-V testing to meet the demands of low-voltage devices. Price starts at $2,255. Intepro Systems

Transmitter test solution

The new DisplayPort Type-C transmitter test solution reduces compliance test times compared with the vendor’s previous DisplayPort solution. According to real-world field evaluations, the solution for use with the vendor’s high-performance oscilloscopes allows engineers to complete the full suite of DisplayPort Type C compliance tests in less than six hours compared with competitive offerings that require up to 16 hours to complete. The Option DP12 application is compatible with the vendor’s DPO/MSO70000 and DPO70000SX Series oscilloscopes. Pricing is $11,800. Tektronix


A new generation of high-precision successive-approximation analog-to-digital converters combines the attributes of high performance, low power, small footprint, and ease of use. These ICs enable mobile test and measurement instruments to operate for longer duration during field tests while improving measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The high performance and ease of use of the 2-MS/s, 18-bit AD4003 and 16-bit AD4000 SAR ADCs simplify the efforts of system designers tasked with achieving optimum performance in data-acquisition designs within a shorter design cycle and without the need for making often difficult and conflicting technical trade-offs. Analog Devices

Data logger

The Model DI-808 web-based data logger features an embedded web server for IoT human-independent operation, eight universal analog and four pulse-input channels, and four alarm outputs. It can be used by any device with a web browser running any operating system and in any form factor.

The DI-808 embraces the trend toward IoT operation where the device manages itself and puts only the information you want exactly where and when you need it. It is sold in two versions: The DI-808 with 4 GB of internal storage memory costs $995; the DI-808-32 with 32 GB of internal storage memory costs $1,095. DATAQ Instruments

90-W DC power supply

The Model 1410 90-W DC power supply has been added to the vendor’s lineup of educational and industrial test instruments. The 1410 offers a 0-V to 30-V, 3-A variable output with coarse and fine adjustment knobs as well as overload, short-circuit, and overcurrent protections. Multiple units can be connected in series or parallel configurations for higher output. MSRP is $238. Global Specialties

Thermo-fluid system modeling

The newest release of the FloMASTER 1D thermo-fluid system modeling product offers advanced features for superior accuracy. New technologies in this release include model-based design, simulation-based characterization (SBC) for component modeling, an organic Rankine cycle solver for waste heat recovery systems, and an enhanced easy-to-use interface.

The new model-based design and simulation-based characterization features enable designers to accurately model components for which data is either difficult to obtain or nonexistent. SBC allows designers to initiate a unique virtual test bench in the Mentor Graphics FloEFD tool to enhance the FloMASTER component catalog via 3D/1D computational fluid dynamics, which is available in a single license package.Mentor Graphics

NRZ/PAM4 BER tester

The 56-Gbaud NRZ/PAM4 BER test solution integrates the new 64-Gbaud PAM4 G0374A DAC with the MP1800A signal quality analyzer and the MP1862A 56G/64G DEMUX. The solution supports 53.125-Gbaud PAM4 transmission defined by the next-generation 400 GbE standard and was developed to address the need for scalable and flexible test solutions to verify next-generation communications devices, optical devices, and optical transceiver modules during the R&D stage.

The expandable G0374A is used with the 32-Gb/s built-in pulse pattern generator of the MP1800A to convert half-rate 32G NRZ signals and generate 64 Gbaud NRZ/PAM4 signals. Additionally, the 28G/32G error detector with high sensitivity of 25 mV that is built in to the MP1800A can be used with the 56/64 Gb/s MP1862A to generate wideband PAM4 signals up to 64 Gbaud to support highly accurate 400 GbE 53.125 Gbaud BER measurements. Anritsu

110-W AC/DC power supplies

The new TB110 Series internal power supplies complement the vendor’s power solutions for test-and-measurement applications. The models offer up to 90% efficiency and a compact form factor. They are suitable when high efficiency as well as superior EMI protection and EMC performance are required.

The TB110 models provide full EMC protection by meeting the highest levels of EN 61000-4-x standards, greater than 15-year e-cap life at 40°C ambient operating conditions, greater than 1,000,000 hours MTBF calculated at 50°C, a small 2.0 x 4.0 x 1.4 inch size suitable for use in 1U chassis applications, Class B conducted EMI with 6-dB margin and Class B radiated EMI with 3-dB margin, and a 5-VDC at 1-A standby output. SL Power Electronics

GaN amplifier

Complementing the vendor’s high-power broadband amplifiers for electronic warfare, radar, communications, and test and measurement, the PE15A5033F amplifier generates 100-W typical saturated output power over a frequency range that covers 0.7 to 2.7 GHz. This class A/AB design is unconditionally stable and utilizes efficient GaN technology for superior linear performance that supports a variety of input signal formats including CW, AM, FM, PM, and pulse with power added efficiency of 30% typical.

Additional key performance features of this amplifier include 45-dB minimum small signal gain, ±1.5-dB typical gain flatness at Psat, and a harmonic suppression level of -20 dBc typical. To ensure reliable thermal management, the amplifier module incorporates a heatsink and cooling fan that maintain an optimum baseplate temperature of 0°C to +50°C, with automatic shutdown capability at 85°C. Pasternack

DFT for schematic capture

OrCAD Capture has been enhanced to now include XJTAG DFT Assistant, an easy-to-use interface that increases the design-for-test (DFT) and debug capabilities of the schematic capture and PCB design system. XJTAG DFT Assistant allows users to detect and correct JTAG errors at the design stage before the PCB is produced, preventing costly re-spins and project delays.

XJTAG DFT Assistant includes two key elements: XJTAG Chain Checker and XJTAG Access Viewer. XJTAG Chain Checker identifies common errors in a JTAG scan chain, such as incorrectly connected and terminated test access ports, and reports them to the developer. Otherwise, a single connection error would inhibit the entire scan chain from working. XJTAG Access Viewer overlays the extent of boundary scan access onto the schematic diagram, allowing users to instantly see which components are accessible using boundary scan and where test coverage can be further extended. Engineers can highlight the nets individually to show read, write, power/ground, and the nets without any JTAG access on the schematic.
Cadence Design Systems

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