Verotec offers versatile heavy-duty EMC case

Jan. 11, 2017

The new 3U RackCase PRO from Verotec is available in standard depths of 9.45, 13.78, and 18.11 inches (240, 350 and 460 mm), with custom depths available to special order. To reduce configuration time and cost, it does away with the need for drilling when installing chassis trays, brackets, and electro-mechanical components. The design provides all round access during assembly with the top and base covers simply sliding into place once the unit has been populated with the housed electronics and other components. RackCase PRO has been designed for applications such as audio, broadcast, instrumentation, and other areas where EMC integrity could be an issue; the design ensures conductivity between all component parts of the assembly, providing EMC capability as standard.

The heavy-duty extruded side panels form a rigid structure in conjunction with the front and rear panels and top and base covers. The external face of the side panels feature full-length slots for fitting telescopic slides that enable the unit to be withdrawn from a 19” rack for easy access. Internally, the side panels have 12 separate channels into which tapped strips or individual M4 captive nuts can be positioned to provide secure mounting points for the housed components. The conductive finish ventilated or plain steel covers slide into dedicated slots; conductive gaskets in these slots prevent movement and ensure conductivity between all components of the assembly. The hole pattern in the ventilated covers provides efficient convection or forced cooling without compromising the EMC integrity.

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