EE – February 2017 Product Picks

Resistivity measurement

Designed for use with the vendor’s Model 6517B electrometer and Model 8009 resistivity chamber, the KICKSTARTFL-HRMA application automates volume and surface resistivity measurements for accurate and repeatable results without the need for custom programming.

The KICKSTARTFL-HRMA application requires no programming and performs all required computations based on the geometry of the test fixture. It quickly and reliably allows users to determine resistivity of materials using setups and methods consistent with ASTM D257 and IEC 60093 standards. Users can visualize the step response of the material and make a good decision on an appropriate test time to use for volume or surface resistivity testing. Tektronix

Power-supply manager

PPSC Manager software enables control of the company’s recently introduced AFX Series AC- and DC-capable power sources. This robust software suite supports all AFX Series modes and capabilities to allow full control and measurement of these power sources through a Windows 10 graphical interface and operation via LAN with LXI support, USB, or RS-232.
PPSC Manager offers presets for 50, 60, and 400 Hz for most common applications. Form (number of output phases), current, and power limits; AC and DC voltage; and waveforms are all accessed from this single, easy-to-use software panel.
Pacific Power Source

Bus-bar connector

The PS4 Series bus-bar connector with plug-in mating simplifies assembly, maintenance, and expansion. Supporting up to 300 A, the PS4 connector has a floating contact alignment that can absorb mounting misalignment of up to 2 mm in the X-Y direction to ease installation in data centers, power distribution units, storage battery systems, uninterrupted power supplies, and more.

With a compact design applicable to 1U size, the high current PS4 Series bus bar is available in 150-A and 300-A versions. The 150-A PS4 is designed for use with a bus-bar thickness of 3.175 mm (0.125 inch) while the 300-A version supports a bus-bar thickness of 6.35 mm (0.25 inch). The high current rating is supported by reducing the contact resistance via a larger contact area and multiple contact points. This design also decreases heat generation caused by current flow.
Hirose Electric USA

PXIe digitizers

Nine new PXIe-based high-speed digitizer cards in the M4x.22xx Series include modules that offer one, two, or four fully synchronous channels. Each channel is equipped with its own ADC with real-time signal sampling at rates from 1.25 GS/s to 5 GS/s and scope-like signal-conditioning circuitry that allows programming of parameters such as input gain, signal offset, and coupling.

The ultra-fast digitizers also offer bandwidth up to 1.5 GHz, making them suitable for automated testing applications where wideband electronic signals from DC to the GHz range need to be acquired and analyzed. Typical applications include semiconductor and component testing, radar, wireless and digital communications, and laser and optical systems. They also can serve in automotive, power, physics, surveillance, medical-science, aerospace, and defense applications.
Spectrum Instrumentation

Multisensor module

The 13.5-mm x 13.5-mm SensorTile contains a MEMS accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, a pressure sensor, and a MEMS microphone. With the onboard low-power STM32L4 microcontroller, it can be used as a sensing and connectivity hub for developing products such as wearables, gaming accessories, and smart-home or Internet-of-Things devices.

SensorTile has a complete Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver including a miniature single-chip balun onboard as well as a set of system interfaces that support use as a sensor-fusion hub or as a platform for firmware development. It can be simply plugged to a host board, and when powered, it immediately starts streaming inertial, audio, and environmental data to the vendor’s BlueMS smartphone app, which can be downloaded free from popular app stores. Software development is facilitated by an ecosystem of APIs based on the STM32Cube hardware abstraction layer and middleware components, including the STM32 Open Development Environment.

PXIe chassis

Three new PXIe chassis offer different sizes and performance characteristics: the M9010A 10-slot Gen 3 chassis, designed for high-performance, benchtop, and R&D applications; the cost-effective M9005A five-slot Gen 1 chassis; and a redesigned 18-slot M9018B Gen 2 chassis, with an improved power supply and new features that improve system integration.

The new chassis offer a set of choices in PXI infrastructure ranging from basic to industry-leading, high-data bandwidth. Prices range from $1,600 to $8,900.
Keysight Technologies

Opto-electrical measurement system

The SampleProtect system is optimized for opto-electrical measurement experiments. It comes with the vendor’s cryogen-free bottom-loading cryostat (the OptistatDry BLV), an MFLI lock-in amplifier from Zurich Instruments, a specially designed ESD break-out box, and high-quality cables. The MFLI lock-in amplifier operates in the low and medium frequency domain and is paired with the functionality of the LabOne measurement toolset. Additionally, the differential voltage and current inputs of the MFLI are optimized for low-noise operation.

The SampleProtect system ensures that the user’s sample is protected from the risk of ESD damage. SampleProtect provides fully earthed signal management, eliminating the risk of earth loops that might interfere with a signal.
Oxford Instruments

Industrial, medical supplies

The ABC550 and MBC550 Series open-frame power supplies for industrial and medical applications deliver up to 550 W in a compact 3 x 5-inch footprint and can be utilized in many conditions, including convection cooled (no fans) up to 150 W, conduction cooling (heat-sink surface) up to 250 W, or up to 550 W in forced-air-cooled environments.

The power supplies accommodate the universal input voltage of 90 to 264 VAC or 390 VDC, 47 to 63 Hz; are available in six output voltages from 12 V to 58 V; have an operating temperature range of -40° to +70°; and offer efficiencies of up to 92%. RoHS compliant and CE Marked, the power supplies are safety-agency certified per UL and NEMKO and meet the requirements of EN 60950-1. They further meet the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN 55022-B. The ABC Series is suitable for use in space-constrained OEM, industrial, telecom, and datacom applications. The MBC Series is for medical applications in which minimal power loss and easy thermal management are required.
Bel Power Solutions

40-A step-down regulator

The LTM4636 40-A step-down µModule switching regulator features 3D construction for quicker heat dissipation and cooler operation in a small package. By stacking its inductor on top of a 16-mm x 16-mm BGA package, the LTM4636 benefits from the exposed inductor as a heat sink, permitting direct contact with airflow from any direction to cool the device. The LTM4636 delivers 40 W with only a 40°C rise over ambient temperature. Full power is delivered up to 83°C ambient and half power is supported at 110°C ambient.

The LTM4636 operates from a 4.7-V to 15-V input supply and regulates an output voltage from 0.6 V to 3.3 V. Total DC output voltage accuracy is ±3% from -40°C to +125°C. 1,000-piece price starts at $38.85 each.
Linear Technology

Sensor evaluation kit

The EK-P4 evaluation kit simplifies the evaluation of the vendor’s differential pressure sensors. The kit combines all the features required for test and measurement, including a flow element, so first measurements can be made cost-effectively and quickly. The evaluation kit consists of a USB stick connected to a PCB on which an SDP3x differential pressure sensor is already attached. The flow element can be easily affixed to the kit with two screws and then directly connected to the gas flow.

Viewer software, which can be downloaded from the vendor’s website, shows the measured differential pressure using a graph. It allows simple data logging and the export of measurement data in the form of an Excel list.

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