EE – April 2017 Product Picks

Open-top BGA socket

The SG-BGA-6457 socket for 1-mm pitch, 121-pin BGA ICs is designed for 12 x 12-mm package sizes and operates at bandwidths up to 27 GHz with less than 1 dB of insertion loss. The contact resistance is typically 20 mΩ per pin. It connects all pins with 27-GHz bandwidth on all connections.

The socket is mounted on the target PCB with no soldering and uses what the vendor says is the industry’s smallest footprint. The socket is constructed with an open-top lid for access to the center of the IC package and comes with a ball guide for the precise alignment of BGA balls to PCB pads.

The SG-BGA-6457 is constructed with a high-performance and low-inductance elastomer contactor. The temperature range is -35 to +100°C. The pin self-inductance is 0.15 nH, and mutual inductance is 0.025 nH. Capacitance to ground is 0.01 pF. Current capacity is 2 A per pin. Pricing for the SG-BGA-6457 is $318 in unit quantities. Ironwood Electronics

Torque transducer

The T12HP digital torque transducer supports dynamic measurements in a test stand and provides precision, particularly in terms of temperature stability. Temperature influences have virtually no impact on the measurement result. In addition, the FlexRange function provided by the T12HP allows users to take a close look at any partial range within the full nominal (rated) measurement range.

The T12HP meets the market requirements for increasingly flexible and efficient test cycles—for example, in the development of ever more energy-efficient motors. Due to the T12HP’s integrated high basic accuracy, users can run more detailed analyses in any partial range from the full measurement range—as if looking through a magnifying glass—and different measurement tasks can be performed using a single characteristic curve. Moreover, test-bench setup times are reduced, and utilization as well as the number of tests can be increased.

CAN, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, and PROFINET interfaces ensure easy integration of the T12HP with different test-stand concepts. The T12HP measurement flange installs directly in the drive train and is, therefore, maintenance free. The transducer is available with different nominal (rated) torques ranging from 100 Nm to 10 kNm. HBM

Protocol-analysis system

The SierraNet M328 protocol-analysis system leverages the success of the vendor’s SierraNet T328 and offers the company’s patented InFusion traffic impairment test and debug solutions in conjunction with state-of-the-art analysis. The result is a complete fabric test environment for 25G, 50G, and 100G Ethernet and 32G/128G Fibre Channel interconnections.

The SierraNet M328 is suitable for interoperability system and quality assurance test applications in today’s emerging high-speed Ethernet and Fibre Channel fabrics, offering the capability to emulate various operating environments and systems configurations. The InFusion “jammer” function provides real-time traffic impairment capabilities to stress any and all of the hardware and software components of the fabric under test.

Utilizing the vendor’s T.A.P.3 probing technology, SierraNet T328 offers users a transparent acquisition solution for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel SAN/NAS environments, ensuring the traffic captured is the traffic transiting the bus under observation. Teledyne LeCroy

High-speed camera

The Phantom Flex4K-GS high-speed camera includes a 35-mm, 9.4-megapixel sensor and global shutter. Designed for applications in the scientific research as well as defense and aerospace industries, it builds upon the technology of the vendor’s Phantom digital cinema products.

The Flex4K-GS, developed on top of the established Flex4K platform, employs a custom sensor capable of recording 1,000 fps at 4-k resolution while its global shutter ensures that every pixel is exposed to light at the same moment in time. This capability is important in aerospace applications because it prevents motion artifacts with propellers, motors, and other rotating objects and ensures timing precision throughout the entirety of each frame. Also critical to defense is the camera’s build quality. Its isolated electronics and thermal design allow for operation in environments within the temperature range of -20°C to +50°C, all while maintaining a stable image.

Key specifications of the Phantom Flex4K-GS include a global shutter switchable to rolling shutter for increased dynamic range; frame rates of 938 fps at 4,096 x 2,304 pixels, 1,000 fps at 4,096 x 2,160, and 1,975 fps at 2,048 x 1,080; a 5-μs minimum exposure; an internal mechanical shutter for black references; 3G-SDI video outputs; and dual-SDI mode for simultaneous live video and playback.
Vision Research

Power frequency tester

The MAG 1000 power frequency tester can perform tests in accordance with IEC 61000-4-8,
“Testing and measurement techniques—Power frequency magnetic field immunity test.” An internal power supply allows the MAG 1000 to be used without any additional external power supplies. A MAG 1000 can help determine if a nearby magnetic field will influence the operation of the equipment. It is suitable for both short-duration testing (1 to 3 s, 100 to 1,100 A/m) and continuous testing (1 min to 8 hrs, 1 to 120 A/m).

The MAG 1000 generator has a simple 20 x 4-character display for easy test parameter setup and includes a 1 x 1-m-square 90-turn antenna (pictured). The MAG 1000 can be used for both vertical and horizontal plane testing by simply rotating the coil antenna in its mounting on the included stand. Haefely Hipotronics

SIM/SD combo connector

A new 3-in-2 connector enables SIM and micro SD card connectivity in mobile phones, tablets, ultraportable devices, and personal computers. This card connector’s space-efficient design features two cavities with the flexibility to accept either two SIM cards or one SIM card and one micro SD card. It saves about 20% PCB space over other combination-type card connectors.

The 3-in-2 card connector uses a new antibuckling contact design, which prevents damage to cards during insertion and removal, for more robust connections than those provided by competitive products, the vendor said. Its space-efficient design incorporates a push-pin type solution with a mechanical lock function. In addition, better coplanarity control across the connector helps ensure fewer defects and easier soldering during the manufacturing process. TE Connectivity

Operating system

SynthOS-LT is a free version of SynthOS, which streamlines the process of creating optimized application-specific software for the Internet of Things and other embedded systems. Developers with little knowledge of real-time systems can focus on their unique control routines, device drivers, and algorithms. SynthOS automatically ties them all together in a single real-time system that meets timing requirements, avoids hazards like deadlocks and race conditions, and is hardened against security breaches from malware. SynthOS-LT is fully functional and free for noncommercial use, though it is limited in the number of tasks that it can support. Those limits should not be a problem for hackers and hobbyists wanting to develop their own systems without needing to understand the complexities of real-time operating systems. Zeidman Technologies

A2B transceivers

Three enhanced Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) transceivers distribute audio and control data plus clock and power over a single, unshielded twisted-pair cable. The AD242x Series A2B transceivers offer a flexible slave-to-slave communication capability as well as support for reduced data-sampling rates. Both of these features improve overall bus-bandwidth utilization and are key differentiators for emerging applications such as in-car communications and active noise cancellation. These newest devices are fully pin-compatible with existing family members, simplifying upgrade and speeding time to market.

The AD242x devices include an improved pulse density modulation block that is critical for next-generation microphone connectivity applications. They also incorporate enhanced GPIO, I2C, and clocking capability to further increase system-level flexibility. Analog Devices

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