GL offers tools for IP-based air-traffic management

Oct. 6, 2017

Gaithersburg, MD. GL Communications Inc. has announced its latest timing measurement tools for IP-based air-traffic management (ATM). Jagdish Vadalia, a senior manager for product development at the company, explained that the latest European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment interoperability standards (EUROCAE ED-137) address migration and implementation of IP-based technology for voice services for air traffic control.

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He cited several of the typical network delay measurements that are of primary interest in the VoIP ATM network: transmitter activation delay, aircraft call indication delay, ground transmission voice delay, transmitter activation and aircraft call indication loopback delay, ground reception voice delay, ground transmission and reception voice loopback delay, and frequency key activation response time.

To perform these timing measurements, he advised setting up GL’s MAPS TM-ATM (Timing Measurements in Air Traffic Management) tools at appropriate strategic interfaces. “GL’s MAPS TM-ATM is a custom suite of test tools, designed to accurately measure various types of delay occurrence in signaling and voice transmission,” he said. “It includes all necessary hardware and software to identify, capture, timestamp, and correlate events at analog, TDM, and IP interfaces. MAPS TM-ATM is a script-based and API-driven product that can be reused for various purposes during test cycles.”


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