UBiqube launches OpenMSA developer community to automate networking and security

Feb. 19, 2018

Dublin, Ireland (PRNewswire). UBiqube, an innovator in the field of vendor- and domain-agnostic orchestration technologies, has announced the launch of the OpenMSA Community, an open forum empowering developers to design orchestration solutions for networking and security technologies and the automation of their associated processes.

Community engineers from service-provider organizations, system-integration firms, or enterprises can make the orchestration solution they have built on the OpenMSA their own, with no vendor lock-in or dependency possible, leaving no domain unaddressed by their automation plans.

Hybrid networking architectures with legacy hardware and SDN- and NFV-based solutions will be orchestrated as one. Domains, from WAN to LAN as well as from networking to security, and any other device-based function will be crossed by one single automation process, which controls all parts.

The OpenMSA software is made available at no charge for community developers and can be downloaded on www.openmsa.co. The related open-source development modules are made available on Github.

UBiqube is a global software supplier, providing vendor-neutral multidomain end-to-end network and security orchestration solutions to service providers and large and medium enterprises. For the digitalization of the networking industry, UBiqube developed the MSActivator, a DevOps enabled open framework for the design, automation, and orchestration of services over hybrid communication infrastructures (legacy, SDN/NFV/IoT). UBiqube is headquartered in Dublin, with offices in France, India, UAE, Japan, and Silicon Valley.


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