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Vitrek adds benchtop probe for precision high-voltage meter

July 26, 2018

Poway, CA. Vitrek has introduced the HVL-150 SmartProbe, which expands the measurement range of the company’s Model 4700 precision high-voltage meter to 140 kVDC and 100 kVAC (rms). The HVL-150 benchtop probe features Vitrek’s proprietary ultralow thermal coefficient attenuator technology that minimizes the effects of self-heating to maintain optimum accuracy. In addition, the probe’s low capacitance enhances AC measurement performance.

The Vitrek 4700 HV meter offers high performance while providing instant, direct, high voltage measurement in a portable, compact, and rugged benchtop enclosure, outperforming traditional high-voltage dividers, the company said. The 4700 precision high-voltage meter offers measurement accuracy of 0.03% of reading +0.03 V and

resolution of 10 mV for direct inputs up to 10 kV. For higher voltage applications, Vitrek’s SmartProbes are interchangeable and are offered with DC ratings of 35 kV, 70 kV, 100 kV, and now, 140 kV. Vitrek SmartProbes store precision calibration data, which is downloaded when plugged into a 4700 HV meter.

“The 4700 HV meter features a color touchscreen that really makes its operation simple and offers numerical and graphical data display,” said Kevin Clark, Vitrek’s CEO and chief technology officer. “The True RMS AC readings are as true as they come, while the DC measurements offer rocket-fast settling with rock-solid stability.”

To ensure the best possible measurement accuracy, the 4700 high-voltage meter performs more than 40,000 readings per second, which are then filtered, subsampled, scaled, and offset-corrected. The 4700 provides very low frequency AC readings down to 0.01 Hz, as well as peak-to-peak, crest-factor, and fundamental-frequency measurement. Available G series probes offer high input impedances for electrostatic-voltmeter applications. Vitrek 4700 HV meters and SmartProbes all come with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration report. Price for the HV-150 SmartProbe is $2,695.


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