Enhancing Test Floor Performance and Quality: MT2168 Test Handler with Advanced Double Device Detection and Automatic Temperature Calibration

Xcerra has added two new optional features to the MT2168 XT pick-and-place handler. Both options target optimization of test floor processes, allowing the customer to deliver enhanced quality: the Double Device Detection (DDD) option increases binning integrity;
the Automatic Temperature Calibration enables the customer to meet quality standards by calibrating as scheduled without time consuming manual processes.
The Double Device Detection is based on a teachable feature, which checks the socket for emptiness before the next package will get plunged. The optical distance check with laser is based on hardware additions on the handler only and does not require any modification to the socket. Based on the distance measurement the Double Device Detection of the MT2168 is also applicable for ultra-thin packages, which is not usually the case using alternative empty check methods.
The Automatic Temperature Calibration is based on optional measurement equipment and is controlled by the handler software directly. During the full calibration process no human interactions are required, which has substantial impact on resource efficiency and process quality.
Andy Ludwig, Product Manager, comments: “Both options significantly contribute to the test floor performance and process quality. The Double Device Detection deploys an innovative principle, which makes it superior to other solutions. With the Automatic Temperature Calibration the MT2168 enables our customers to fulfill the requirements of their quality standard, while saving a significant amount of time and effort, which would usually keep his onsite resources busy for several hours.”
To learn more about the Xcerra MT2168, visit www.xcerra.com/MT2168 .

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