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Tektronix’ Initial State launches new data streaming and visualization service

Dec. 21, 2018
BEAVERTON, OR—Tektronix, a worldwide provider of measurement solutions, has announced the launch of a new Initial State data streaming and visualization service for individuals. The cloud-based data service, which includes unlimited data streaming and visualizations, is priced at $9.99 per month or $99 per year and is free for students. Tektronix acquired Nashville, TN-based Initial State Technologies Inc. earlier this year.
The cloud-based Initial State platform provides a highly secure centralized repository for time-series data and untethers analysis from installed software—all visualization and analysis applications are available through a web browser. Initial State uses AWS infrastructure and enterprise-grade best practices for encryption, data and access management, and offers high uptime and full data redundancy. As a testament to its scalability and reliability, the platform processed over 100 billion data points in the last year with zero downtime.
Initial State dashboard

“We built our new data streaming/visualization service to give engineers, technologists, scientists, and students a powerful, reliable and flexible set of data tools they can actually afford,” said Initial State founder and CEO Jamie Bailey. “We are thrilled to be part of the Tektronix family and look forward to bringing our data streaming and visualization service to a much broader audience on a global basis.”

The platform goes beyond data streaming and incorporates a robust set of tools that make it an essential part of the toolbox for a wide range of applications such as home/office monitoring, IoT device performance dashboards, GPS trackers, manufacturing line data collection, education and energy use tracking to name a few. In addition to unlimited data streams, the $9.99 per month price includes a web-based dashboard builder, up to 180 API calls (1,800 events) per minute data streaming, email and SMS triggering and private or public sharing of data and dashboards.

“We see the Initial State data platform as solving a very important problem for engineers, namely how to make sense of mountains of data and share results and analysis broadly at scale. As such, the Initial State platform will be a significant enabler for our customers as we expand into design validation analytics and workflow enablement,” said Chris Witt, vice president and general manager of the Time Domain Business Unit at Tektronix.

Data Transformations Reveal Meaning
Among the platform’s more advanced capabilities are real-time data transformations that make it easy to derive meaning from both historical and real-time data without manual calculations. Real-time triggers allow users to set alarms with SMS and email notifications. Using these tools, engineers can build hosted data applications using both historical and incoming real-time data. To improve collaboration, users can add notes, comments and emojis for specified time ranges and then cycle through annotations for presentations and review.

A popular application for Initial State is Internet of Things (IoT) data stream analysis. One such customer, eleven-x, a LoRaWAN network operator and IoT solutions provider, uses Initial State to monitor and analyze real-time sensor data from devices deployed in wells for water levels and temperature.

Initial State waveform viewer

“Initial State gives us a remarkably easy and powerful way to aggregate and analyze sensor data from our solutions,” said Ryan Hickey, COO of eleven-x. “Whether we are troubleshooting in the field or simply collecting data for analysis, Initial State gives our engineers a fantastic set of data tools to work with.”

The platform also plays a role in supporting product development and research at Kyzen, a supplier of environmentally responsible advanced cleaning technology, according to Ram Wissel, vice president and global technology manager: “Initial State’s data visualization tools have improved our new product development cycle by allowing faster and more accurate discrimination between iterations. The tool provides impressive flexibility by allowing users to select and customize the presentation of their data to quickly analyze what is most important to them, thus improving efficiency and user experience.”

Raspberry Pi Analysis
Another popular application for Initial State is bringing affordable data streaming capabilities to hobbyists and educational projects. To this end, Initial State has partnered with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to enable students around the world to create their own weather analysis for the Raspberry Pi Oracle Weather Station project.

“Initial State is a great solution for visualizing data streamed from your Raspberry Pi,” said Richard Hayler, citizen science program manager, Raspberry Pi Foundation. “The dashboards created by schools and clubs as part of our Weather Station program provide an incredibly engaging and intuitive way to display and understand the measurements from around the world.”

Availability and Pricing
The Initial State platform is available now. Following the free 14-day trial, pricing for Initial State is $9.99 per month or $99 per year. For more details go to:

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