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Arthur Gonsky

Technical Marketing Manager, ON Semiconductor

Arthur (Art) Gonsky has spent over 35 years in the power electronics industry. He currently drives Applications Supports and Market strategy and execution for the all power semiconductor devices, from IGBTs to silicon-carbide MOSFETs to low-level signal processing and amplification as well as a multitude of other Semiconductor Devices for the Power Solutions Group Division of ON Semiconductor.

He previously directed the design and development of switch-mode power supplies, plasma TVs, graphic computer monitors, set-top TV boxes, cell phones, and other consumer goods at SONY Corp. Prior to SONY, he led the development of the first switch-mode power amplifiers for gradient coils in the MRI industry, being the first to reduce the size of the MRI from five racks down to one.

Arthur is a member of IEEE and has authored articles on how to increase efficiency of motor drivers, SMPS, and Class D power amplifiers. He continues to write articles and application notes as well as develop new presentation slides for FAEs.