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Dr. Jeffrey Andle

Chief RF Consultant, WePower Technologies

Dr. Jeffrey Andle has been active in the area of piezoelectric materials, device modeling and design, subsystems, and systems since 1980. This includes resonator and filter design at RF Monolithics, fluid sensor design at BiODE and Vectron, and SAW wireless sensor systems at Vectron, IntelliSAW, Mnemonics, and Cardian.

For the past 40 years, his strength has been seeing how to combine fields of study and technology in new ways. This has led to endeavors in STW and SHAPM biosensors, heavy-metals piezoelectric sensors, viscosity and density sensors, and wireless SAW sensors. Dr. Andle retired in December 2021 and has since been consulting in RF, IIoT, power, and PCB layout.