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Stelios Diamantidis

Distinguished Architect, Synopsys Center for Generative AI

Stelios Diamantidis is a Distinguished Architect at Synopsys, where he heads the Synopsys Center for Generative AI. In this role, Stelios leads responsible generative AI transformation across all businesses and company functions.

In 2020, Stelios launched, the world’s first autonomous AI application for chip Design Space Optimization. has been adopted by 7 of the top 10 semiconductor companies worldwide and has scaled well past 100 commercial tapeouts.

Stelios has over 20 years of experience in chip design and EDA software. He began his career at the legendary Silicon Graphics, Inc., where he worked on servers and supercomputers. He later founded two companies in the chip design and EDA industry: Globetech and TESLA Design Automation.

Stelios received a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he studied network systems and distributed systems.