Dr. John Parry

Manager of Electronics Industry (Mechanical Analysis Division)

A chemical engineer by training, John Parry earned a PhD in reactor design before getting involved with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) more than 25 years ago. He joined Flomerics Ltd. when it opened its doors in 1989 and continued there when it became the Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics. As the division’s Electronics Industry Manager, John has coordinated EC-funded projects and managed Knowledge Transfer Programs and strategic internal projects as well as overseeing the technical integration of MicReD’s business into the division.

John’s technical contributions to the discipline of electronics cooling include developing a host of compact thermal models for fans, heat sinks, chip packages, and LEDs. He has published several papers in these areas, and also has expertise in Design of Experiments and optimization. Today, Dr. Parry is also responsible for the Mechanical Analysis Division’s research activities and its Higher Education Program. He serves on the JEDEC JC15 Thermal Standards Committee and on various conference committees, and was General Chair of the SEMI-THERM 21 conference.