Clive Taylor

Clive Taylor works in medical electronics at Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge, U.K. He has more than 30 years in the semiconductor industry with 10 patents in low-power IC design. Specifically, he has eight years in the watch/clock/solar-powered calculator/RFID industry with Eurosil electronic GmbH, Munich; seven years at VLSI Technology Inc., Milton Keynes, U.K., working on Ericsson mobile phones including Bluetooth development; two years at Jennic, Sheffield, U.K., working on ZigBee; three years at Frontier Silicon, Cambridge, working on the first fully integrated front-end receiver for DAB radio; nine months as a contractor at Broadcom Inc., Cambridge, working on multimedia products for mobile phone products; and six months as a freelance consultant at Semtech Inc., Neuchatel, Switzerland (formerly Xemics), working on wireless battery-powered medical products.