Joseph Fjelstad

CTO, The Occam Group

Occam inventor Joseph Fjelstad has been active in electronics manufacturing since 1972 in various roles, including chemist, process engineer, and R&D manager. He holds nearly 190 U.S. Patents and numerous patents outside the U.S. He’s an internationally recognized expert, inventor, and lecturer in the field of electronics interconnection technology and a veteran of several startup companies, including Beta Phase, ELF Technologies, MetaRAM, Silicon Pipe, and Tessera (now the public company Xperi).

Some of Fjelstads innovative devices and novel reliability-improving IC packaging structural features are found in nearly every electronic device made today. He’s also an author, co-author, or editor of several books on interconnection technology, including Flexible Circuit Technology 4th Edition, the most widely distributed reference book on the topic, Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics, and Solderless Assembly For Electronics — The SAFE Approach (the Occam Process). In addition, Fjelstad has written hundreds of articles, columns, and commentaries for various industry magazines and journals over the last five decades.

Joe is cited over 10,000 times on Google Scholar.