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Electronic Design 2015 Leaders Issue (.PDF Download)

Jan. 15, 2014
Our editors have put together this special LEADERS IN ELECTRONICS issue that features special technology and distribution articles, coupled with editorial insights and "leaders" profiles.
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  • Wearing Your Technology. Direct-digital-synthesizer (DDS) technology can provide the agility and frequency and phase control needed to drive high-performance frequency modulated-continuous-wave radar systems.
  • The Top 101 Components. Electronic Design's annual list of Top 101 components features an array of new devices that have won over the engineering community.
  • Q&A: TE Connectivity's Egbert Stellinga. The product manager for TE Consumer Devices discusses the growth and impact of USB 3.1 connectors.
  • Pay Attention To These Power Device Trends. Evolutionary advances in MOSFETs and IGBTs can arm trend-cognizant designers with the tools to develop performance-differentiating products.
  • Ideas for Design. Offset compensation technique improves bridge-configured sensor performance.