Meet You at the SmartNICs Summit

June 1, 2023
I will be hosting a couple panel sessions on SmartNICs and hope to see you there.

This article is part of the TechXchange: SmartNIC Accelerating the Smart Data Center.

The SmartNICs Summit in San Jose is quickly approaching. I will be hosting two sessions this year, and the rest of the sessions look very interesting, including a tutorial on accelerating generative AI applications like ChatGPT. 

So, if you want to see me along with other much more interesting panelists, then check out: 

  • Tuesday: Making SmartNICs and DPUs into a Major Technology 
  • Thursday:  SmartNICs in 2028 and How We Got There

To highlight how important we consider SmartNIC technology, we created a TechXchange entitled "SmartNIC Accelerating the Smart Data Center." In addition, there's the Have SmartNIC – Will Compute article series. You can also check out my earlier interview with Scott Schweitzer from Achronix (see video below)

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