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1W LED Modules Increase Thermal Performance And Color Options

Groomed for high-luminous flux LED lighting designs, the OVTLZ Optimal I Star Series LED modules employ the company's Lednium Series 1W LEDs, which specify a long lifespan and a thermal resistance of less than 2°C/W. The components integrate a thermally conductive heat spreader substrate to achieve an overall thermal resistance of 4.9°C/W from LED junction to an external heatsink. They provide a viewing angle of 135° in eight colors/luminous flux values: blue (460 nm/12lm), cyan (505 nm/40lm), green (515 nm/60lm), red (625 nm45lm), amber (595 nm/35lm), cool white (7,000K/65lm), daylight white (5,800K/60lm), and warm white (3,500K/50lm). Depending on color, typical forward voltage at 350 mA ranges from 2.3V to 3.6V. Four soldering pads provide two pads each for anode and cathode connections. The assemblies measure 19.8 mm in diameter on a 1-mm thick PCB. Typical pricing ranges from $1.90 to $2.20 each/10,000. OTEK CORP., Tucson, AZ. (877) 227-6835.

Company: OTEK CORP.

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