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3- By 3-mm, 10-Pin MCU Targets Tight Applications

Compact, low-power MCUs are in greater demand as they invade ever-smaller product packaging. The LPC9102 and LPC9103 MCUs crafted by Philips Semiconductors feature twice the number of I/O pins versus comparably sized products. The MCUs are based on the 8051 architecture, with two clock instructions executing in as little as 111 ns. The LPC910x family offers 128 bytes of RAM, 1 kbyte of byte-erasable flash, an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (with a window comparator that can also be configured as a digital-to-analog converter), two counter-timers, and a real-time clock. The inputs can sink a 20-mA LED. The LPC9103 also includes a UART. An on-chip oscillator is accurate to within 1%. The chips' operating voltage ranges from 3.6 to 2.4 V. Coming in a leadless HVSON package with a built-in heatsink, pricing for the MCUs starts at $0.87.


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