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AC-DC Switching Power Supplies Rocket Power Density To 6 W/in.³

Designed to meet the space and performance needs of low- to moderate-power telecommunications, industrial control, and embedded systems applications, the MK series ac-dc switching power supplies provide output power over the range of 40 to 300 W. All models accept universal input from 85 to 265 V ac, and 16 models are available that provide single outputs from 5 to 24 V dc. Thanks to high-density surface-mount construction, the MK series features case sizes that are up to 30% smaller than other products with similar output power. They feature power densities up to 6 W/in3. All models provide an integral power-good LED indicator and an output adjustment potentiometer. They operate over the ambient temperature range of −10°C to 60°C without forced cooling or output power derating. All models provide overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and integral input line filtering. Dimensions are as small as 4.5 by 2.5 by 1.5 in. for the 40-W versions. All models feature screw terminal I/O connections. Pricing starts at $22 each for the 40-W versions and $79 each for the 300-W versions, in OEM lots.

www.astrodyne.com; (800) 823-8082

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