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Accurate Battery Charging Made Simple

A controller designed for charging a single lithium-ion cell, the TC3827, is specifically designed for use in applications ranging from personal digital assistants, cradle chargers, desktop computers and cellular phones. The device's high accuracy (±1%), low shutdown current (1µA), and easy charge current programming make it especially attractive as a battery charge controller. The TC3827 can be used with an external Power PMOS device to form a two-chip low cost, low dropout linear charger. Boasting an overall system accuracy of 1%, the device ensures cell capacity is fully utilized without lifecycle degradation. The controller chip also features over-current foldback, charge current monitor, and charge status LED indicator output. The TC3827 is part of a series of battery charger products targeted at cellular phone, desktop computer and hand-held digital assistant and instrumentation applications. Packaged in an 8-pin MSOP, the device is well-suited for applications requiring small size and low power dissipation. Five thousand piece pricing for the TC3827 starts at $0.99 each.


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