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Adapter Kit Includes Cable Tester

The Unidapt coaxial adapter system allows field and bench technicians to join any two Unidapt adapters with standard coaxial interfaces using the small, universal center adapter. All coaxial components feature silver-plated brass bodies, gold-plated contacts and Teflon insulation. Also, the RFA-4018 kit enables the technician to test cable assemblies terminated with BNC, Mini-UHF, N, SMA or UHF connectors by using the RFA-4018-20 Unidapt cable tester. Powered by a 9V battery, this lightweight and portable tester is used to test free cable assemblies. The LED panel on the front indicates pass or fail. If the result is "fail," the panel will indicate whether the failure is due to a short, open conductor or open shield. The RFA-4018 kit contains the cable tester and 30 adapters. RF CONNECTORS, San Diego, CA. (800) 233-1728.


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