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Electronic Design
Alternate-Action Switch Steers Toward Car Lighting

Alternate-Action Switch Steers Toward Car Lighting

CW_0831-AA pushbutton alternate-action latching switch developed by CW Industries is intended for automotive interior lighting applications. The compact GCL-536 series switch will mate with customer insert molded and leadframe manufactured components. It can be customized for specific customer operating force, mounting, and termination requirements (e.g., PCB, quick connect, wire lead, and plug-in). The single-pole, double throw (SPDT) on-on switch (rated at 1 A. 125 V ac; 3 A, 14 V dc) can be operated directly by the end user or indirectly via a lens, or incorporated into other operating mechanisms. Audible and tactile response features can be customized to meet “soft touch,” “quiet,” and “firm” requirements. It’s also easy to discern rest and latched height in order to identify the contact state.


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