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Analog Sensor Makes Ultrasonic Measurements

A new self-contained analog ultrasonic sensor has been developed to cover ranges from 4” to 18’, depending on the model. The RPS-409A is housed in a 30-mm PVC barrel and is powered by 20 to 30 Vdc with reverse polarity protection. Analog output voltage is a fixed volts per inch based on the maximum range of the unit. The sensor has temperature compensation built in to make accurate readings throughout the entire operating temperature range of –40°C to +60°C. For set up purposes an LED indicator is green when not detecting, and changes to red when a target moves into place. The unit is rated up to IP-68 or NEMA-6P, and the connection is made by way of IP and NEMA rated cables. Besides the input and output lines, a sync/enable line can be used for connecting multiple sensors together to prevent cross talk or to fire the sensor at a particular time. MIGATRON CORP., Woodstock, IL. (888) 644-2876.


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