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Analog/Power: Charge-Pump Controller Squeezes Dual LCD/CCD Bias Supplies

Designers facing space constraints in flat-panel LCD, organic-LED (OLED), and CCD image-sensor applications have a new weapon. The AAT3190 charge-pump controller converts supply voltages ranging from 2.7 to 5.0 V into independently regulated positive and negative output voltages up to ±25 V, using external diode-and-capacitor multiplier stages. Due to its 1-MHz operation, there's no need for large inductors, and capacitor requirements are diminished. The chip provides soft-start, overtemperature, undervoltage-lockout, and shutdown features. It comes in eight-pin MSOP or 12-pin TSOP-JW packaging. Pricing for 1000-piece lots starts at $1.73 each.

Advanced Analogic Technologies

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