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ARM7 MCU Packs Full-Speed USB 2.0 Interface

Philips Semiconductor packs a 12-Mbit/s, full-speed USB 2.0 host interface into its latest ARM7 microcontrollers. The LPC214x series of ARM7TDMI-S microcontrollers provides USB Good Link LED output and Soft Connect programmable resistor functionality. The USB interface supports 32 end points with a 1-kbyte buffer. The LPC2146 and 2148 feature 8 kbytes of RAM with DMA support for the USB interface. The 128-bit memory interface supports up to 512 kbytes of on-chip flash and 40 kbytes of RAM. With the chip's Fast I/O feature, software-driven I/O can operate at 15 MHz. The LPC214x also contains two 16C550-compatible UARTs with hardware handshake, two 400-kbit/s Fast I2C-bus interfaces, two serial peripheral interfaces, timer and PWM support, and up to two 10-bit ADCs and a 10-bit DAC. Debug support includes the Embedded Trace Module (ETM). LPC214x series pricing starts at $3.60.


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