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Authentication ICs Pack RF Transmitter For Wireless Apps

Suited for use in electronic door locks, garage door openers, remote keyless entry (RKE) and burglar alarm systems, and auto immobilizer and anti-theft mechanisms, the rfHCS362F and rfHCS362G wireless encoders integrate on-chip a RF transmitter together with the company's Keeloq access control system. The system consists of a programmable 32-bit serial number and two 6-bit user-programmable encryption keys--Keeloq is a code-hopping technology that makes each transmission unique. Both authentication devices feature adjustable output power (-12 to +2 dBm) and a VCO phase-locked to a quartz crystal reference for implementing a narrow receiver bandwidth to maximize both range and interference immunity. In addition, rfHCS362G has an integrated 310/480-MHz amplitude shift key (ASK) transmitter and rfHCS362F has a frequency shift key (FSK) transmitter in the same frequency range. Other features of the battery-operated wireless encoders include button queuing, Manchester and PWM encoding, low operating voltage (2.1V), low standby power dissipation (less than 1 µA), and a direct LED drive that also indicates low battery voltage. The rfHCS362G is housed in an 18-pin SOIC and costs $2.14 each/1,000 and the rfHCS362F comes in a 20-pin SSOP and is priced at $2.24. An evaluation kit is also available. For more information, contact MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (480) 792-7668.


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