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Background Suppression Sensor Family Welcomes New Arrivals

Background Suppression Sensor Family Welcomes New Arrivals

Two mid-range adjustable-field sensors expand the WORLD-BEAM QS30 family of short and long-range adjustable-field sensors. The QS30AFF400 foreground suppression sensor and the QS30AF600 background suppression sensor both employ advanced linear imager technology. The QS30AFF400 offers foreground suppression to detect objects varying in color or shape when a fixed background is present while the QS30AF600 detects objects when the background condition is neither controlled nor fixed, and it ignores objects located beyond the sensing field cutoff. Sensing range for all models is adjustable with a screwdriver potentiometer or via the remote teach wire input. Additionally, the sensors’ visible red LED sensing beam ensures easy sensor alignment. BANNER ENGINEERING CORP., Minneapolis, MN. (888) 373-6767.

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