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A Bright Idea: One LED-Based Lamp Can Replace 50 To 100 White LEDs

The Endura Bright series of LED-based MR-16 lamps offers up to 120 lumens of light, providing over 1800 cd of output at a 10° angle, in a full-color palette of white, blue, green, red, and amber. One LED will replace 50 to 100 typical 5-mm white LEDs. They can be used as direct pin-to-pin replacements for tungsten-halogen MR-16 lamps. The basic Endura product consists of a high-brightness LED that employs the company's Luxeon family of products. The Luxeon family includes a light-directing lens and an optimized heatsink to handle outdoor temperatures from −40°C to −70°C. Basic unit prices are $65.10, $40.40, and $26.24 for low-, medium-, and high-output versions, respectively, in 100-unit lots.

Opto Technology Inc.
www.optotech.com; (847) 537-4277

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