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Built-In Magnetics In PoE Jack Assemblies Save Assembly Hassles

The 1658821 RJ45 Ethernet jack assemblies from Tyco Electronics integrate the isolation transformers necessary to inject power in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, including switches intended for Gigabit Ethernet. These modular, six-wide by two-high assemblies also include the jacks and heatsink as well as two bicolor LEDs per port. In fact, one 12-jack module replaces as many as 200 discrete parts. Press-fit assembly eliminates the need for wave soldering, facilitating lead-free assembly. Per the IEEE 802.3af standard, pins 1 and 2 carry the minus voltage and pins 3 through 6 carry the positive on each RJ45. Pricing is $56 per unit in annual volumes of 50,000 units.

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Tyco Electronics


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