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C-To-HDL Tool Supports Systems-On-Chip

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With AxRT Builder 1.5, designers can create efficient HDL designs from C-language algorithms by automatically converting these algorithms to Verilog or VHDL. Using a 300-MHz Intel Pentium workstation, HDL conversion takes just a few seconds. The software is also available for UNIX workstations.AxRT Builder 1.5 quickly converts fixed-point enhanced ANSI C code (from AxRT Library) to a bit-accurate, synthesizable Verilog HDL or VHDL description. The designer simply specifies the appropriate C file and selects a variety of options from a pull-down menu. The HDL output uses the what-you-write-is-what-you-get principle so that the HDL exactly corresponds to the C-language description. The tool has configurable C and HDL syntax highlighting to further enhance productivity. AxRT Library is an included companion tool that provides a set of C++ data classes and operators.

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