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Cables & Terminators Mate With SCSI LVD Bus

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Designed for the Ultra2 SCSI LVD bus, the company's complete selection of single- and multi-mode terminators includes two internal T-type Terminators. One mounts to a 68-pin male cable connector and the other one is IDC terminated directly to flat ribbon cables. Other internal devices feature an ultra-slim profile and are molded in black PVC. External models are offered with or without mode-detection LEDs. The LED-bearing terminators indicate single- or multi-mode operation via a color change in the LEDs. The LVD multi-mode operates with non-LVD or LVD devices. however single-mode terminators can only be used in a bus populated exclusively with LVD devices. Also available are in-line adapters that provide transitions between the SCSI device-to-cable interconnects of Narrow 50-pin at 0.100" pitch, Wide 68-pin at 0.050" pitch and VHDC 68-pin at 0.8 mm pitch. These adapters can be configured with capacitances to match impedance between varying SCSI buses; some are offered with pass-through termination.

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