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Circuit Breaker Integrates Unique Analog Output

Designed with solid-state technology, the E-1048-800 is reportedly the industry's first circuit breaker to combine solid-state switching, circuit protection, an analog signal output, and diagnostic functions. Claimed as a unique feature, the component provides a 0V to 5V analog output that is proportional to the current flowing through it, which can be used to provide intelligent relay control. Other features include a programmable current range from 0 to 20A when used with a PLC, short-circuit current limiting to 50A maximum, and a transistor output that can be used in a control system as the input for an alarm. Additionally, the breaker provides LED indication of overloads, wire breakage, and status of load and line. Available in cubic and inline versions, price is $35 each in volume. E-T-A CIRCUIT BREAKERS, Chicago, IL. (847) 827-7600.


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