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Circuit Breakers Get Windows-Smart

Circuit-protection ICs that drive external power devices to shut off current to shorted loads certainly don't rate as a new development. What is new, however, are all-electronic, Windows-programmable rack-mount circuit breakers for telecommunications, data-center, and industrial equipment.

These devices have two benefits. Users can program a common part number for any current rating and low-voltage threshold. And once the breakers are in the rack, system operators can remotely monitor status, activate/deactivate circuits, and prioritize load-shedding during mains-power outages.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers' ESS60-T devices are 2U in height. At a width of 20 mm, 22 of them will fit side by side in a standard rack. They include a manual on/off actuator and indicate status via an LED. Also, they comply with telco-industry standards, including EN60950 and UL 60950; meet UL 1077 requirements; and carry a CE mark. These breakers cost from $120 to $170 in volume.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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