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Common Mode Choke Serves IEEE 1394 Apps

With a footprint of just 6.5 x 5.7 mm and a low profile of only 3.1 mm, the B5W Series of common mode choke coils is said to be well-suited for common mode attenuation in twisted pair cable interfaces, as well as in IEEE 1394 applications. Designed for both 200- and 400-Mbps IEEE 1394 signaling, this dual-wound common mode filter series is especially well-suited for use in reducing EMI emissions and enhancing immunity protection from common mode signals. An excellent impedance balance between two sets of twisted pairs is said to be achieved by winding across a single core. One common mode choke per IEEE 1394 interface port is possible with the dual winding configuration. The filters have a typical common mode attenuation of 13 dB and common mode impedance of 400 ohms at 400 MHz.


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