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Complete Driving System Handles Six-String Backlit DIsplays

Expanding a line of backlight-driving integrated plug-and-play systems solutions, the LXMG1960-28 module targets mid-size LED backlit panels. The module, based on the high-performance LX1996 LED driver, can drive six-string 3.5- to 7-in. LED backlit panel applications. The LXMG1960-28 consists of a boost converter and six programmable precision current sinks that can deliver string-to-string current matching of 1%. Acceptable input voltage range is 4.75 to 28 V. The incorporated PanelMatch technology uses a dual-in-line package switch that allows the end user to program the LED string current between 10 mA and 25 mA in 1-mA steps. Also, StayLIT technology boosts reliability by disabling the current sink if a string becomes open for any reason, while continuing to ensure that the other strings operate normally. A dedicated input pin works with an external thermistor to provide output current fold-back to protect the LEDs against over-temperature. The device supports multiple dimming methods, including dc voltage, PWM signal, and potentiometer. The RoHS-compliant LXMG1960-28 will be available for high-volume shipments in June. Prices in OEM quantities range between $10 and $15, depending on the version. MICROSEMI CORP., Irvine, CA. (949) 221-7100.


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