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Conditioned Power Distribution Units Protect Against Both Spikes And Noise

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Incorporating professional-grade spike/surge, and EMI/RFI noise filtration components, the PD8 and PD8L conditioned power distribution units feature a surge protection alarm that indicates a potentially harmful ac power surge. Watchdog protection circuitry informs users of status and the current level of spike protection via a front-panel LED indicator. Similar to the company's other conditioned power distribution units, these devices feature protection on all three legs of the incoming ac power line. It is said that three legs of protection are necessary to guard against normal and abnormal power spikes, which are inherent in public or other generator-provided ac power. Both units have a 15-A, 1,800-W capacity with eight breaker-protected U-grounded Edison outlets and they are UL 1449 listed. The PD8L features a rack illuminator.

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