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Contact Image Sensor Boasts 5.0 MHz Pixel Rate

A new color contact image sensor module has been designed with 102 mm read-width and 5.0 MHz maximum pixel rate. The PI630MC-A6C sensor has a photo-site density of 23.64 mm and a pixel center-to-center spacing of 42.3 µm. Analog video data for RGB is sequentially output from a single video line at minimum read times of 520 µs/line. Designed with a Flush Mode feature, the module functions as a pseudo electronic shutter for clearing residual data in the sensor of any undesired scan information. Flush Mode is useful for the removal of dark leakage current buildup or previously stored partial line scan images before initiating subsequent line scan cycles. This fully integrated module includes the sensor optics and RGB LED’s light sources. Overall outline dimensions measure 125 mm x 18.9 mm x 12.3 mm. Timing and other required inputs include the clock and start pulse, one reference voltage input for the amplifier output bias control, a single 5.0V power supply and three separate control lines for powering the individual LEDs. Applications for the PI630MC-A6C color imager include hi-resolution ID card readers, 2D bar code scanners and business card and photo scanners. Unit pricing is $125 each, while volume pricing is less than $30 each. PERIPHERAL IMAGING CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 428-0123.


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