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DC-DC Converter Drives 1-A Output Current With 93% Efficiency In Lighting Apps

The MBI6651 step-down dc-dc converter from Macroblock drives 1-A output current with efficiency up to 93%, according to the company. With merely 0.45-O of on resistance, it reduces the power consumption on ICs at the rated voltage. Additionally, the internal startup scheme eliminates the inrush current and limits it to within 1.15 times the present current. These features suit the MBI6651 for signage, decorative lighting (MR16), street lighting, and automotive lighting.

By applying the hysteretic pulse frequency modulation (PFM) control scheme, the MBI6651 not only prevents ICs from noise interruption, it also enhances system stability. The converter also manages well with high current in optimizing power efficiency up to 93% when lighting up three LEDs at 12-V input voltage and 1-A output current, Macroblock says. To ensure system reliability, it offers thermal protection, undervoltage lockout, and LED open-circuit and short-circuit protection.

The MBI6651 operates over an input of 9 to 36 V and an output current of 350 mA to 1 A for high-power LED applications. It’s available in TO-252, SOT-23, and MSOP-8 packages. Built with only four external components required, the converter satisfies the demand of small design in lighting applications. Contact the company for pricing information.


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