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Design-Rule Checker Sports Foundry Compatibility

Advances in design checking capability, including foundry-compatible design-rule checking (DRC) and background DRC, are among the features of HiPer Verify, the first tool in a line of IC layout and verification software. With HiPer Verify, users can run both Calibre and Dracula textual command lines unmodified, directly as they come from the foundry. This eliminates the need for manual setup of DRC rules.

Because foundry DRC rule sets run in this fashion, HiPer Verify ensures that designs will pass the standard DRC rules used by most foundries. This feature limits the possibility of manual errors. Also, the software accommodates automatic command-file updates whenever foundries release new rule sets. It enables easy switching from foundry to foundry without the need to update DRC rules manually each time.

In addition, HiPer Verify enhances productivity because designers can continue to edit their design while DRC runs in the background. Users can edit any file while DRC runs, even the file being checked. DRC results are returned as they are found, permitting users to inspect errors and implement changes while DRC continues to run.

Other features include a command-file editor and an enhanced DRC error navigator. The former enables syntax checking of DRC commands, shows derivations of intermediate design layers, and provides keyword highlighting. The latter builds on the hierarchical error browser in Tanner's L-Edit Pro, taking users directly to the area of a design in which an error occurs.

Windows-based, HiPer Verify is available for new users or as an upgrade option for current L-Edit Pro users. It comes in various flavors ranging in price from $18,000 to $30,000, and it's available now.

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