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Device Couplers Speed Fieldbus Startup

Emerging as the first device couplers that provide automatic segment termination, the TRUNKGUARD components employ patented technology that prevents fieldbus segment failure from under- or over-termination, said to be a chief problem in fieldbus startups. The auto-termination feature ensures that local parts of a segment will continue to function if remote parts of the segment are accidentally disconnected. The couplers are based on IP66 field enclosures, complete with cable glands, and provide second-generation attributes such as automatic segment termination for four, eight, 10, or 20 FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA devices. Additionally, they provide LED indicators for status checks. The red LED reveals a fault in the spur, and green indicates a healthy spur. Status information extends to each spur. For more information, call MOORE INDUSTRIES-INTERNATIONAL INC., North Hills, CA. (818) 894-7111.


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