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Device Melds Hall-Effect Switch With Potentiometer

The advantages of both digital and rotary control are combined in a compact package that contains the SW43655 Rev C Hall-effect IC switch. Measuring just 0.5" square and weighing about 3 oz., the device is suited for avionics and industrial high-density panel and instrumentation applications.The device combines a sealed Hall-effect IC with a 10-kiloohm linear taper potentiometer. It offers 295° mechanical rotation, enabling users to specify a particular value so that at the push of a button, the circuit or channel automatically opens to a preset value.Less than 1" of space is required behind the panel to mount the switch. Mounting is easily accomplished using a 0.25" diameter threaded bushing, hex nut and internal-tooth lock washer. The non-lighted momentary switch has an optional translucent knob for edge lighting.


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