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Device Protects Laser Diodes Against ESD And Reverse Bias

Described by its maker as the world's first of its kind, the LASORB component is described as an electrostatic-discharge (ESD) absorber that protects laser diodes, photodiodes and LEDs from single, multiple, and repeated ESD events of either positive or negative polarity. The device has applications across a wide array of consumer, commercial, and industrial products. ESD is a well-known problem for laser diodes, especially Blu-ray laser diodes and low-power single-mode red laser diodes. For such devices, a single modest ESD event can cause permanent damage, resulting in partial or complete diode failure. Unlike the typical Shottky diodes, which only protect against reverse bias, the Lasorb device will protect againt reverse bias as well as ESD. Two series of LASORB devices are offered, one optimized for red and infrared diodes and a second optimized for Blu-ray diodes. The component package is compact (8.9mm tall x 10.4mm long x 3.8mm thick) and mounts in a 2-pin, through-hole configuration. The company can also design custom packages, and an SMT version will be offered as well. PANGOLIN LASER SYSTEMS INC., Orlando, FL. (407) 299-2088.


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